Thank you for attending a Partnership for Drug-Free Kids community education presentation addressing the issue of Heroin and Other Opioids. By completing this survey you will help us evaluate and improve this program.

* Where was the presentation delivered?

* Was the presentation delivered today?

* If not today, when was the presentation delivered?


* For this question, please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements:

Following the presentation, I ...

  Agree strongly Agree somewhat  Neither agree nor disagree Disagree somewhat  Disagree strongly
... have a better understanding of heroin and other opioids.
... have a better understanding of actions that can be taken to prevent and respond to the opioid crisis.
... am better prepared to discuss heroin and other opioid use with someone I care about
... feel more prepared to recognize signs of opioid abuse
... am more likely to safeguard and properly dispose of medications in my home

* Please share any additional comments you have about the presentation (optional)