WellCare Visit Entry Options and Billing Provider Survey

This survey is designed to capture the information about your agency that is necessary for WellCare to obtain confirmed home care visits and to receive electronic claims from all Home Care Providers.

In 2018, WellCare will be providing a new computer website portal/program you will use for submitting claims for the following services:

- Personal Assistant Services
- Home Health Aides
- Home Health RN and LPN
- Home Health Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy
- Speech and Language Therapy
- Respite

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. In order to complete this survey, you will need the following information about your agency:

- Company name, address and phone number
- Technical person and Administrator in your office (name, email, phone, FAX)
- Scheduling or Billing System currently in use (if applicable)
- Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system in use (if applicable)
- Tax ID
- NPIs
- Approximate number of members your agency services today
- Number of caregivers in your agency
- Number of office staff (non-caregiver staff)