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First, the basics...

We are tired of being told “People don’t care what is in their tampons” (direct quote from a male in the tampon industry to our founder). 
It’s time for people with periods to have autonomy over our bodies and design exactly what WE WANT- for the health of ourselves, each other, and the earth. 
Please answer only as you feel comfortable, skip anything you'd like to, and remember - your voice is powerful!
Why are we asking for your personal data? Good question. We believe in full transparency- so here's the truth: These details help us convince manufacturers, investors, farmers, ecologists, and everyone else in our supply chain that you are a real person with real opinions! Trace wants to make the first hemp and regenerative cotton tampon-and we need your help! The people high up the ladder really love data and numbers to prove a point. So the more we give them, the more likely it is that this product will get made to the standards we demand! We will not share your personal information with third parties. Ever. Thank you so much for helping our cause!

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* 1. Do you want better options for period care for yourself or those you care about?

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