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How to use the Helping Hands Community Service Hours Tracker
You can update the information on this tracker at any time as long as you access it from the same device (phone or laptop). Complete the information on each page to submit the community service hours you completed and participate in the Helping Hands project. Be sure to enter as much information as possible! You can come back to this tracker at any time before the submission deadline to add more hours and information. If you need to use a new device, please create a new tracker and we will combine your hours for you. 

Helping Hands Monthly Themes
Be inspired to give back each month of your exchange year by following the monthly themes of the Helping Hands Calendar! Be sure to follow STS Foundation on social media for monthly ideas of how you can give back.

Month Theme
 September  Youth
 October  Veterans/Military
 November  Food 
 December  Holiday Spirit
 January  Education
 February  Animals
 March  Health and Safety
 April  Environment
 May  Cultural Exchange Programs