* 1. Please indicate your current age group (as at your last birthday).

* 2. Do you consider yourself to have special educational needs and/or a disability?

* 3. Do you use any adaptations to enable you to access the internet? e.g. large font, closed captioning, software for speech, etc.

* 4. Do you have a child with special educational needs and/or a disability?

* 5. How have you previously got information about services? Please make one choice from the list below and indicate the main source of information you have accessed.

* 6. How did you initially find out about NottsHelpYourself?

* 7. In general, how do you prefer to receive/access information?

* 8. What was the reason for your visit today?

* 9. How good, bad or otherwise are the following aspects of the Nottinghamshire Help Yourself website?

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Don’t Know
The website was easy to find
The design/appearance of the site is attractive
It is easy to find information/services using the site
The information is clear and easy to understand
The information was accurate & up-to-date
The search facility was useful

* 10. How would you rate your experience of using Nottinghamshire Help Yourself today?

* 11. What is the likelihood that you will visit the Nottinghamshire Help Yourself website again?

* 12. Is there any additional information you would like to see added to the site (please state)?