HEFN Member Application

Thank you for your interest in HEFN’s “Making the Case” 2018 Community of Practice Program.  To apply, please complete and submit this form online. 

Application Deadline is December 20, 2017.

Please note the following retreat/webinar dates on your calendar.
February 6-7:  First Retreat (Chicago)
  • March 6:  Cohort Webinar One
  • March 28:  Cohort Webinar Two
  • April 24:  Cohort Webinar Three
  • May 30-31:  Second Retreat (Chicago)
  • June 18:  Webinar with HEFN Members
Questions?  Email Kathy Sessions at ksessions@hefn.org.  
Thank you for your application and for your interest in the Community of Practice!

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* 2. How do you identify? (Gender/ethnicity/sexual orientation, etc.)

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