Test Your Healthy Swimming Knowledge!

How much do you think you know about recreational water illnesses - take the quiz and find out!

* 1. Even a pool that has the right amount of chlorine can spread germs.

* 2. Water becomes polluted with germs that can cause diarrhea, when people:

* 3. Showering before entering a pool can help stop the spread of germs.

* 4. If someone had diarrhea last week, it is ok for them to swim in the pool this week.

* 5. Changing diapers poolside or near the pool is ok and safe.

* 6. A doctor just told a swimmer that his diarrhea was probably caused by swimming. How could this have happened?

* 7. You can tell if a pool has the proper amount of chlorine in it to kill germs...

You are finished - how do you think you did? Continue on for the answers.....