KCET Public Media is working with community partners in El Monte and South El Monte to learn about the health and nutrition options available to residents in both cities and throughout Southern California

Thank you for filling out the following questions.

* What's your first name?

* What's your email or phone number?

* What's your Zip Code?

* Have you watched the KCET SoCal Connected Earthworks Farm segment?

* How important is it for you to eat healthy?

* What does eating healthy mean to you?  Rank from 1 to 6 with 1 being the most important and 6 the least important.

* How easy or difficult is it for you to get fresh fruits and vegetables in your community?

* Where do you get fresh fruits and vegetables in your community?

* Would you make a conscious effort to get locally grown food more often from a Farmer’s Market, an Urban Farm, locally grown foods in your supermarket, a community garden, or home garden if these options were available?

* Have you heard of Earthworks Farm?

* If yes, would you...

* Does your child's school or daycare have an edible garden?

* If your child’s school or daycare had/has a garden how often would you volunteer to care for it?

* How important is it for your child’s school or daycare to have an edible garden?

* Would you be comfortable planting and caring for an edible home garden?

Thank you for filling out the survey. Please be sure to watch the KCET SoCal Connected segment on Earthworks Farm in South El Monte on Wednesday, April 1 at 8 pm or watch online at www.socalconnected.org/mylocalgarden then fill out the post-survey. Thanks again!