Healthy Communities, Community of Interest Learning Interest Assessment

The NN/LM NER would like to learn about how you used information learned in our programs this past year. We also want to identify your learning interests and needs. Please take a few minutes to complete the following questions.

Thank you very much!

* 1. Please share which programs you attended. Check all that apply. This list includes programs offered since May 2011. Presenters are listing following project titles.

* 2. How did you use the information gained from our programs? Select all that apply.

* 3. Did you share the information you learned from the Healthy Communities, Community of Interest with others?

* 4. Please rate your interest in the following topics for future programs.

  Very Interested Interested Somewhat Interest Not Interested
Collaborating with older adults
Patient engagement
Marketing and publicity
Exhibiting at health fairs
Teaching the adult learner
Funding your project
Developing partnerships with community groups
Responding to health disparities
Helping people understand clinical trials
Creating an effective health information handout
Helping the public understand health news
Motivational interviewing
Setting up a "patient school" -- series of classes to help patients communicate with their doctor, understand test results, find and evaluate health information and advocate for themselves and family
Social media in health education outreach
Helping consumers understand the Affordable Care Act
Communicating with impact
Collaborating with K-12 educators
Creative approaches to health information outreach

* 5. What is your profession?

* 6. Please pick your top three learning formats.

  First Second Third
Discussion group in person
Discussion group teleconference
In person class
Hybrid learning opportunity (in person and online)
Online course (asynchronous, like Moodle, Blackboard)
Meet at NAHSL
State health sciences library meetings
Local consortia meetings

* 7. What time do you prefer for webinars? Select you first, second and third choice.

  First Second Third
Tuesday, 10:30 AM
Tuesday, 2 PM
Wednesday, 10:30 AM
Wednesday, 2 PM
Thursday, 10:30 AM
Thursday, 2 PM

* 8. Please share any other comments or recommendations for the NN/LM NER Healthy Communities, Community of Interest.

Thank you for responding. Please hit done to submit your responses.