Assessment Survey

Hello All,

As we move forward with our Health Literacy Community of Interest, I would like to get an assessment of where everyone is on the metaphorical Health Literacy page. I would also like to get an idea of the types of resources and support that might interest you.

I would appreciate if you could fill out the attached short survey.


Caroline Marshall
Health Literacy COI

* 1. Library (optional)

* 2. How many staff?

* 3. Are you currently planning/managing or involved in a health literacy project in your institution or community?

* 4. If no, why not?

* 5. Are there any specific obstacles you face in your organization in implementing a Health Literacy Program?

* 6. What do you hope to learn from the Health Literacy Community of Interest?

* 7. Are you familiar with the National Action Plan for Health Literacy?

* 8. Have you created any programs at your institution/community in support of the goals of the plan?

* 9. Are you familiar with the Universal Precautions Toolkit?

* 10. Have you implemented any programs at your institution /community that use the tools of the Universal Precautions Toolkit