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Dear reader,

In brief: Scarcity of healthcare personnel has been a challenge long before the current COVID-19 crisis. With this survey we would like to learn if internationals are interested to work in Dutch healthcare, or already do so. We are curious which hurdles they have encountered and why they are motivated to join Dutch healthcare or why not. 

For this research, we define internationals as people who were born and trained in a country other than the Netherlands but who reside here.

Let us introduce ourselves: we are four participants from the Health Innovation School Noord-Brabant 2020. We work on innovating the healthcare system in the Netherlands. With our project we aim to increase the personnel influx into the healthcare field by finding potential employees amongst international individuals already residing in the Netherlands. Then subsequently investigate and facilitate a fast-track transition into healthcare-related employment. 
We collaborate with Healthcare for internationals (H4i), a nonprofit organization that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals living in The Netherlands.

We would be very appreciative if you would like to participate in this anonymous survey even if you have no experience with working or desire to work in the field of healthcare. It will take about 15 minutes of your time.

It is important to emphasize that we are not employing care-workers ourselves nor have access to vacancies!


Carmen Platschorre, Eveline Bakx, Rebekka Strenk and Monique Cooijman

Privacy statement: all information that you provide in this survey, including any personal data will only be used for the purpose stated. Individual responses will be kept confidential. Results of the survey will be published, but findings can never be linked to individuals that have participated.