* 1. Which Hennepin County Service Center did you recently visit?

* 2.

Which of the below listed services brought you to our service center?

* 3. When did you visit the Hennepin County Service Center?


* 4. Were you greeted in a friendly and professional manner?

* 5. How helpful was the customer service representative?

* 6. How would you rate your customer service experience at the service center?

* 7. Was your business completed to your satisfaction?

* 8. Did you find the service center to be neat and clean?

* 9. Were you thanked for visiting Hennepin County service center by the customer service representative?

* 10. Were you aware you can make an appointment at www.hennepin.us ?

* 11. Were you aware you could check wait times at the service centers at our Hennepin County service center web site?

* 12. What could we do differently to provide excellent service for you?