2018 Community Needs Survey

The City of Houston's Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) works to improve the quality of life for Houston's neighborhood and families by investing in neighborhood parks, housing and economic development, as well as by providing funds to serve the homeless, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Your responses in this survey will provide valuable input for the 2018 Annual Action Plan. All responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to you.  

* 1. Think about the community needs that HCDD should address with funding in the next year. Select one priority level for each of the following community needs.

  High Priority Low Priority Not a Priority
Addressing Neighborhood Infrastructure
(Examples: Street reconstruction, flood drainage and sewer improvements)
Addressing Public Service Needs
(Examples: Child care and youth services, health services, employment services, services meeting special needs populations and low- and moderate-income persons needs)
Assistance for Homebuyers
(Example: Providing downpayment assistance)
Assistance for Homeowners
(Examples: Housing repair, reconstruction and lead abatement)
Assistance for Renters
(Examples: Creating and rehabilitating affordable rental units)
Economic Development Needs
(Examples: Job creation/retention, employment training and business lending)
Fair Housing Needs
(Examples: Promoting Fair Housing through education and training)
Improvement of Neighborhood Facilities
(Examples: Constructing community centers, libraries and parks)

* 2. Think about the neighborhood features important to you. Select one level of importance for each of the following neighborhood features.

  High Importance Low Importance Not Important
Child care services (e.g. day care)
Community spaces (e.g. place of worship, multi-service center)
Employment opportunities
High-quality schools
Medical services (e.g. doctor, clinic, pharmacy)
Public infrastructure (e.g. sidewalk, street, sewer, drainage)
Public transportation (e.g. Metro)
Recreational facilities (e.g. park)
Retail services (e.g. grocery store, shopping mall, restaurant)