Throughout the year, HAVAN receives requests from homebuilders associations (HBAs) across Canada looking for members to participate as judges for their respective housing awards programs.

To assist our HBA community, and to provide members with unique behind-the-scenes experiences on how different awards programs work (which may assist you in preparing your future submissions), you are invited to include your name (and/or others on your team) who would be interested in being a judge.

The timing, commitments, categories and platforms will vary depending on the program but this list will be given to HBAs who request it, and then they will reach out individually based on who they need.

As this is a volunteer opportunity, you can advise whether or not you are available when an HBA contacts you but we must emphasize that if you do commit, please follow through -- HBAs depend on judges to complete all assignments and when one (or others) do not follow through, it puts the HBA in a difficult position.

Please complete the information below by April 1.

Happy judging!

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