HAWK Hockey 2017-18 Season end Feedback

Please take a minute to answer the following questions to give the HAWK board/staff/coaches feedback on your experiences so continuous improvements  can be made to the HAWK Hockey association.  Your honest and constructive feedback is appreciated.   Deadline March 12

* 1. What level did your player start at HAWK?

  Cross Ice Mites Squirt Pee Wee Bantam Midget
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4

* 3. What reasons did you choose HAWK Hockey?

* 4. What is the most important for you and your player?  choose 2

* 5. What do you like the most about HAWK Hockey?  choose 2

* 6. What do you like least about HAWK Hockey? (choose 2)

* 7. How likely is it your player will return to HAWK next year?

* 8. Would you refer a friend to HAWK Hockey?

* 9. Do you feel HAWK coaches provide constructive guidance and discipline?

* 10. Do you feel HAWK coaches run effective and organized practices and provide adequate knowledge of the game?

* 11. Do you feel the coaches, Hockey Director and HAWK board provide effective communication?

* 12. Do you feel the Hockey Director is involved at every level of the organization and is accessible to you and your player?

* 13. if applicable: Did you and your player feel the training provided from Hawk Peak Performance/Todd Johnston was adequate for your team?  

* 14. Do you feel the HAWK board is providing adequate services and addressing organization concerns?

* 15. What more would you like to see from the HAWK Hockey organization?

* 16. Any additional comments?

* 17. Contact information

* 18. For further discussion or concerns -
please contact Jason Charon - HAWK Board President at (616)813-6907 or jcharon44@gmail.com