Welcome to the Water JPI Public Consultation. Your feedback is important because it will help to inform our new Vision 2030 and revised Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).  

Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) are inter-governmental collaborations that address major societal challenges and contribute to the development of European Research.  Water JPI promotes cohesion and collaboration of efforts by Member States and the mobilisation of skills, knowledge and resources, with a view to strengthening Europe's leadership and competitiveness on water research and innovation. Water JPI is focused on research related to water research; membership includes 23 partner countries and 3 observers. For more information visit the Water JPI website.
The Water JPI Vision document is the overarching road map that is reviewed every 10 years. It provides the context (trends, drivers and challenges) and outlines the JPI objectives and research questions responding to the issues and challenges facing the European water sector up to 2030 and beyond.  

The purpose of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda is to set out the guiding principles and identify the policy-relevant research priorities for the future, while making them openly accessible to the various stakeholders, including policy makers, regulatory agencies, researchers, end-users (such as water enterprises, water managers) and the public.  The SRIA charts the future of water-related research, development and innovation actions in Europe and  is reviewed every 5 years to ensure it remains relevant.  The current SRIA v2.0 sets out the research priorities under five key themes.  However, the next revision, must respond to both current and emerging global water challenges for the next 5 years and beyond.

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