100% of survey complete.

* 1. My teachers have high expectations for me.

* 2. Learning targets help me understand the skills I need to learn/master

* 3. My teachers teach so that I can understand the lessons.

* 4. I can get extra help when I need it.

* 5. My teachers know when I am struggling.

* 6. I understand the expectations in my classroom and school.

* 7. I understand the behavior expectations in my school.

* 8. Setting goals for my learning helps me stay focused. 

* 9. My teachers encourage me to do my best.

* 10. I try my best at all times.

* 11. I have good work and study habits.

* 12. Learning in small groups has helped me do better in the classroom.  

* 13. I feel safe at my school.

* 14. The best part of my school is...

* 15. The biggest problem at my school is...