Dear Harnett County Resident:

Your response to this survey is extremely important…
Harnett County Park and Recreation strives to meet the recreational needs of our community. In order to do this, we need to continuously assess those needs, understand how our community’s recreational needs are changing, and prioritize our citizen’s highest needs. The data from this survey will help guide future decision making on parks, greenway, nature preserves, recreation centers, and the types of programs we offer.

We appreciate your time…
We realize that this survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, but each question is important. The time you invest in completing this survey will aid Harnett County in taking a resident-driven approach to making decisions that will enrich the future of our community and positively affect the lives of its residents.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carl Davis with Harnett County at The survey is a tool that will benefit all residents. Please take this opportunity to let your voice be heard.


Carl Davis, CPRP

* 1. FACILITY NEEDS: A variety of recreation facilities/amenities are listed below.  For each one, please indicate if you or others in your household have a need for the facility/amenity (whether there is already a facility in the County or not) by selecting either "YES" or "NO"

  YES, I do have a need for this: NO, I do NOT have a need for this: This need is FULLY MET This need is MOSTLY MET This need is PARTLY MET This need is NOT MET
Multi-use gym space- Basketball, Volleyball, etc.
Gymnastics gymnasium
Weights and fitness machines
Indoor Track
Indoor Field Turf
Squash/Racquetball Courts
Pickleball Courts
Bocce ball courts
Horseshoe pits
Dog park
Baseball and Softball fields
Soccer fields
Outdoor tennis courts
Outdoor volleyball courts
Disc Golf course
Ice skating surface/in-line hockey rink
Skate park/BMX
Greenway Trail System
Equestrian Trails/facilities
Shooting sports- Shooting/Archery Range
Climbing wall
Remote control park
Picnic Shelter
Splash Pad
Water Access- kayak/swimming
Indoor aquatic facility

* 3. PROGRAM/ACTIVITY NEEDS: A variety of recreation programs/activities are listed below.  For each one, please indicate if you or others in your household have a desire to participate in the program/activity by selecting either "YES" or "NO"

If you or others have a desire to participate, please indicate how well your needs for that program/activity are currently being met.

  YES, I do have a desire for this activity NO, I do NOT have a desire for the activity Your desire is currently being FULLY MET Your desire is currently being MOSTLY MET Your desire is currently being PARTLY MET Your desire is currently NOT BEING MET
Action Sports (skateboarding, BMX, etc.)
After School & Friday programs
Bocce ball
Bridge lessons
Camps (summer/school break)
Disc Golf
Dodge ball
Flag Football
Martial Arts/Tai Chi
Painting/Drawing classes
Running (endurance)
Senior recreational programs
Shooting sports/Archery
Tennis- lessons/clinics
Equestrian programs
Ultimate Frisbee
Walking for exercise
Environmental education

* 6. Which ONE of the following groups do you think should be the Harnett County Parks and Recreation Department's top priority to serve?

* 7. Overall, how well are your household's needs for the following programs and activities being met by Harnett County? 

  Fully Met Mostly Met Partly Met Not Met Do Not Have a Need
Special Events
Outdoor Recreation
Senior Adult activities
Therapeutic Recreation
Sports programs

* 8. Have you or other members of your household used any of the following facilities operated/owned by Harnett County during the past year?

* 9. Which of the following organizations provide the recreation FACILITIES that you and other members of your household use?

* 11. Which of the following reasons prevent you or other members of your household from using recreation programs offered by the Harnett County Parks and Recreation Department?

* 12. From the following list, please select all the ways you learn about Harnett County Parks and Recreation programs and activities.

* 13. The County could consider the possibility of developing new indoor programming spaces.  From the following list of potential indoor programming spaces, please select ALL of the ones you or members of your household would use.

* 14. What is the MAXIMUM amount you would be willing to pay in additional taxes for the types of improvements to the parks, facilities, recreation programs and special events in Harnett County that are most important to your household?

* 15. Please Indicate how willing you would be to do the following to support expanded parks and recreation programs and facilities in Harnett County.

  Very Willing Willing Somewhat Willing Not Willing Don't Know
Pay a slight increase in taxes to support expanded recreation programs in Harnett County
Pay a slight increase in taxes to support the development of new recreation facilities in Harnett County
Volunteer to support parks and recreation programs
Make donations to fund the design and construction of new parks and recreation in Harnett County

* 16. What is your age?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 18. Approximately how many years have you lived in Harnett County?

* 19. Which of the following BEST describes your race?

* 20. Your gender:

* 21. [OPTIONAL] If you would like to receive future information regarding the Harnett County Parks and Recreation Programs or updates on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, please provide your contact information below: