The Board of Trustees of the Hanson Public Library is seeking your help as they begin to think about options for improvements in library services to the community and the library facility that supports those services. Please assist with this effort by responding to this survey by March 9, 2018. Thank you.
If you are completing the survey in paper form (rather than on the Library website), please return it to: Hanson Public Library, 132 Maquan Street, Hanson, MA 02341

1. Thinking about the library and the community it serves, how important is each of the following:

  Very Important Moderately important Less important Not important No opinion
Borrowing books, DVDs, CDs, etc.
Downloading digital books, music, movies
Programs and classes for adults
Programs and classes for children
Computers, printers, other technology, and the internet
Assistance using technology and technology equipment, personal and library-owned
Small community meeting rooms
Large community meeting/program room
Private individual/group study rooms
Separate quiet areas
Art exhibit space
"Office" space for entrepreneurs, start-ups, work-at-home individuals
Job and career resources
Library staff available to assist with research, technology, and searching
Gaming space/room
Maker space (3-D printers, craft equipment such as sewing machines, jewelry making equipment, etc.)
Expanded learning opportuntities for the community
Expanded open hours
Support for the local business community (i.e. research assistance, computer training)
Expanded partnerships with community organizations, schools, groups
Provides a space for meeting and interacting with neighbors and friends
Place to meet new people and make new friends
Delivery of library materials to the homebound

2. Members of my household would use the library more if there were (check all that apply):

3. If the library redesigned its space, which of the following would you like to see (check all that apply):

4. What is your age group?

5. What do you value most about the Hanson Public Library?

6. How does the library benefit you and/or the community?

7. Are there new programs, services, equipment, or other improvements you think would enhance the library and result in your using the library more?

8. Are there physical changes that you think would enhance the library and result in you using it more?

9. We would like to thank you for participating and offer you the chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate from Shaw's. Please add your contact information below if you would like to participate in the drawing.

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