Large Hull vessels inquiry survey

Every worker has a legal right to safe work and workplaces, whether they work on the land – in the air or at sea. The CPSU is proudly committed to providing the resources and expertise needed to ensure your health and safety is the priority – not an afterthought. 

Safety Regulators acknowledge Fly in Fly out jobs, working at sea, and work that involves exposure to traumatic events requires specialised WHS assessments to implement dedicated safety systems that address things like 
  • working in isolation,  
  • extreme environmental conditions,  
  • fatigue from long distance travel and shift work,  
  • large number of consecutive days worked,  
  • accommodation arrangements,  
  • rosters and work scheduling arrangements, 
  • being isolated from family and support networks,  
  • being exposed to traumatic events, 
  • stresses placed on mental health of workers and families. 
This Health and Safety survey has been setup to gather workers feedback on working conditions and identify improvements to ensure safe systems of work are implemented and maintained.

summary report of survey results will be provided to workers, HSRs and CPSU delegates. This will include recommendationson on the best ways to secure improvements to working conditions.