* 1. Is the parcel you own in Haines City your primary residence?

* 2. Do you own more than one parcel of property in Haines City?

* 3. Other than for homestead purposes, are one or more of your parcels partially or fully exempt from property taxes?

Please read these five sentences:

Property taxes are charged based upon the taxable value of a parcel and its improvements. Payment of property taxes is required with no proportionate benefit to a property except for general public purpose. Non-ad valorem special assessments are based upon benefits to or burdens created by each parcel, and have to be charged proportionately with the benefits and burdens created by each parcel or class of parcels. If non-ad valorem assessments are lowered or not charged, then property taxes will increase or City services and capital expenditures will need to be cut.

Assuming these sentences as generally accurate, please answer the following questions about your feelings:

* 4. I would rather:

* 5. I perceive the need for constant availability of fire protection services as:

* 6. I perceive the need for dealing with both the quantity of stormwater run-off (flooding) and quality of local water (addressing lake and water table pollution from stormwater and run-off) as:

* 7. I would rather the City Commission:

* 8. I attend City Commission meetings:

* 9. I subscribe to or regularly read a local newspaper (The Ledger or News Chief):

Florida general law dictates the information that must be presented in the mailed Notice sent to every property owner when a non-ad valorem special assessment is used. It does not require this survey. Please give some feedback on the mailed Notice:

* 10. Did you read your mailed notice?

* 11. If you answered yes to Question 10, did the mailed notice help inform you?

* 12. What has helped to inform you about the proposed assessments?  You may select more than one answer.

* 13. Approximately how long did you spend taking this survey? Please indicate the number of minutes spent. Thank you for your participation!