Ngāti Hāua Road to Settlement Survey.

Kia Ora from the Ngāti Hāua Iwi Trust.  A lot of work is being done at the moment to move Ngāti Hāua's treaty claims towards settlement, and we'd like all Ngāti Hāua uri to be with us on this journey.  

It's important that your dreams and aspirations for the future of Ngāti Hāua are embedded in our plans - as we look forward for our mokopuna.  In order to gather your ideas, this Ngāti Hāua Road to Settlement Survey has been created.  We'd appreciate your help in filling it out - to help us design the next steps in our road to settlement.

* 1. Are you a registered member of Ngāti Hāua?

* 2. What do you think are the top priorities for Ngāti Hāua?

* 3. What are your dreams and aspirations for Ngāti Hāua after our treaty claims are settled?

* 4. Please rank the following in order of priority to you (1 = the least important and 10 = the most important)

* 5. What cultural, commercial or relationship opportunity would you like to see for Ngāti Hāua as a result of our treaty settlement?

* 6. What key grievances and claims need to be addressed in the Ngāti Hāua Treaty Settlement?

* 7. Would you be willing to share your personal details in order to participate in future discussions?

* 8. Would you be willing to meet and discuss more about the future of our iwi with the Ngāti Hāua Iwi Trust?

* 9. Which email address would you like to be contacted?