Dear Gypsum Community Member -

The Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District (WECMRD) Board is ready to set the course for the District’s future. We can better plan for the future by asking those who live and recreate within our district to help us define their recreation needs and wants. With this information in hand, we can plot a course for our organization that anticipates and meets those desires.

The following survey has two different elements; first, it asks you to attach a specific value to certain sports and activities. After that, it then asks you to consider how well recreation facilities and programming in the Gypsum area meets those needs.  These two measures will help us identify gaps in service in this area of our district.

In partnership with Town of Gypsum, WECMRD has been able to offer a great many programs and services. This 4-sectioned survey is designed to measure:

• both indoor and outdoor recreational needs
• how well recreational opportunities available in Gypsum meet those needs
• how well the Gypsum Recreation Center serves you and your family
• input on ideas for future improvements.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. If you have questions about this survey or the direction of the Board, please feel free to contact Executive Director Janet Bartnik at

Thank you! Your help and time are incredibly appreciated!

* 1. Overall, how satisfied are you with the recreation facilities and services in the area in which you live?