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Thank you for agreeing to take this short survey about your experience with Civic Center TV. All responses will remain confidential. To show our appreciation for your time, residents ages 18 and older will be eligible to enter a drawing for retail and restaurant gift cards at the completion of the survey. Only one entry per person will be accepted.

* In which community do you live?

* What method do you or would you use to watch Civic Center TV? (Check all that apply)

* If you watch Civic Center TV on the Internet (www.civiccenter.com), do you watch: (Check all that apply)

* Who is your video provider?

As a resident, viewer, or potential viewer, please rate the following Civic Center TV programs using the star system, where 5 stars means you now watch or would definitely watch the program and 1 star means you have no interest in watching:

* The Splash (local, weekly, news magazine program)

* Meetings of the township board, city council, other local government boards and commissions

* Meetings of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners

* Local election forums and results

* Public safety programs (police and fire)

* Environmental programs (clean water and air)

* Public services (library, trash collection, hazardous waste, foreclosure info)

* Local events (parades, Michigan Week Breakfast)

* Local historical facts and events

* Please indicate what, if any, additional programming you would like to see on Civic Center TV: (Check all that apply)

* Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Greater West Bloomfield Cable Communications Commission?

GIFT CARD DRAWING: Thank you for participating in this important survey project. Our goal is to use your responses to enhance services provided to Greater West Bloomfield residents by the Commission and Civic Center TV.

For completing the survey, we invite you to enter your name for a gift card drawing.

After clicking the "Submit Response" button below, send your full name, telephone number, and home address by email to survey@gwbcable.org. Please write in the subject line: DRAWING. You will receive a confirmation email once your entry is received.

Limit: You must be age 18 or older to enter. Only one entry per person permitted.
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