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There are only two questions to answer in this survey - but they are important questions. We simply want to try to understand a little more about the use of a persons gut instinct, specifically in relation to peoples health. There may have been a time when you just knew "something was wrong" with you or your loved one; or maybe you were a health professional, and you too felt "something just wasn't right" even though there may be no clinical evidence of same, yet you acted on your feelings. 
Please feel free to write as much or as little as you would like. We hope that by capturing some of these stories that we may be able to show if gut instincts plays a vital role in the early recognition and awareness of a persons health deteriorating. We may also be able to try and differentiate between anxiety and gut instinct, as this may often be the case too. Either way, if a person has a concern, and they express it, we would like to be able to see if through raising these concerns, that they impacted on the next actions taken.  
The findings in this survey will be used for research purposes,so please do not include any personal references to any persons names, or place names.

If you would like more information on this survey, please feel free to email trial@medistori.com
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