Project Streamline is Taking Stock!

20% of survey complete.

Please direct this survey to the person/s within your organization who is most knowledgeable about applying for and reporting on grants.

Project Streamline helps grantmakers reduce the burden that their application and reporting practices place on grantseekers and grantees. In 2007, feedback from grantseekers helped to define the issues and develop a set of recommendations.

Now we need your help assessing how well those recommendations worked. Please take ten minutes to provide candid input on this anonymous survey. Grantmakers rarely get honest feedback from their nonprofit partners, so your feedback is especially valuable and will help to shape Project Streamline’s next set of priorities. Your responses will be kept strictly anonymous.

What we learn from this survey, as well as interviews and focus groups with grantmakers and grantseekers, will result in a report to be released early next year. This will help us assess how much grantmakers have streamlined and identify next steps for Project Streamline.

We greatly appreciate your time and input! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Bearman at or 208-559-0190.