You have earned coop funds as part of your partnership level. In order to request use of those funds you must agree to the below guidelines and terms of use. All Requests must be made through the form found on the Travel Agent Café.

1.       General Terms and Guidelines:

·         Request for funds must be specific to future marketing campaigns through a third party.

·         Request must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance.

·         Apple Vacations will approve cooperative funds for up to 50% of the total media cost. For a more prompt reply, please do not make marketing or reimbursement requests through your regional Business Development Manager as approval is granted from the Marketing Department.

·         The advertising opportunity must be offered through a marketing partner or other third party. An invoice from the marketing partner or third party will be needed for verification. This does not include services acquired to create marketing tools such as ad or websites.

·         Apple Vacations and the approved hotel partner must be displayed clearly on all advertising and/or event space. There must be a call to action for a value proposition, benefit, or specific offer.

·         All advertising must be approved or created by Apple Vacations prior to running. If our creative services are not required please send all advertising for approval to at least 72 business hours in advance and allow for response with approval or changes.

If you have a creative idea for marketing outside the above media and you would like to use co-op funds, email Juliana Gover at to discuss.


2.       Templates & Logos:

·         Templates for Newspaper ads, Radio scripts, Banners, and logos are available at If used the final ad must be approved by Apple Vacations Marketing Department prior to running.

·         Apple Vacations and hotel partner name and/or logos must be displayed prominently and accurately.

·         Parties other than Apple Vacations may not alter trademarked logos at any time.

·         All Co-Op advertising and booth space must display ONLY Apple Vacations and approved hotel partners as the provider of vacations to Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Ski & Central America destinations.


3.       DOT Compliance:

·         It is the agencies responsibility to ensure all DOT guidelines are met, and a boiler plate is included when advertising a price point, savings, or % off. If the agency runs advertising not approved or ran as directed by Apple Vacations, any fines or errors will be assumed by the agency. 

·         To review the necessary legal verbiage go to the below link to review the required disclaimers and PC # legal. Use each element that applies to the content of your ad.


4.       Reimbursement: We will provide details of reimbursement if approval is given.

·         Within 30 days of your advertisement/segment run date, or your event conclusion, all Proof of Performance (POP) is required to receive your reimbursement. (Please refer to all that apply to your media choice).

* Apple Vacations Disclaimer: Apple Vacations reserves the right to refuse payment if any of the above billing conditions are not met and/or proper approval was not received prior to your advertising or event run dates. Once the final products are submitted, if an approved program is altered or deviated without prior notification, it will not be considered under the guidelines.

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