Digital and Interactive Directory of Geography in Latin America and the Caribbean


In the following pages you will submit information about yourself as an individual researcher as part of a type of general census of geography in Latin American and the Caribbean.

This information will be utilized to create an interactive and digital directory, whose information will also form part of the 2011-2012 AAG Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas. The data will also be utilized to help develop tools that will help geographers in their activities.

If you would like to send us more information as a representative from a geography department or program at a university of institution of higher education or a representative from a national geography institute/professional society/ academic association you will have the opportunity to do so when you finish this survey.

By completing this survey you are giving the AAG permission to publish this information in an interactive directory or in the AAG Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas.

Please direct any questions to Astrid Ng,