Guardian Satisfaction Survey

Providing excellent service and care is a top priority at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation and you play an important part in our continued success.

Please provide your input regarding your experience with our program and services. Your feedback will be used for quality improvement, strategic planning, and program development purposes. Your responses will be anonymous unless you provide your identifying information.

Thank you. For questions or concerns, please email our Quality Department at

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The information I received about the program was/is accurate and useful:
The person I am guardian for had/has access to high quality staff, services and support:
I was/am involved in the decisions made around the person I am guardian for:
Hope Network treats everyone with dignity and respect:
Staff help/helped the person I am guardian of meet their goals and achieve an increased level of independence:
I was/am satisfied with the progress the person I am guardian for has made as a result of receiving services:
Hope Network provides a clean, comfortable and safe environment: