* 1. Are you responding on behalf of:

* 2. What is your postcode?

* 3. Does the analysis of Nottinghamshire's economy reflect your understanding?

* 4. What issues may be missing?

* 5. Do the immediate actions appear appropriate?

* 6. What ideas do you have to improve the suggested activity?

* 7. What additional information can you share from your current or planned activities which will help shape the Plan?

* 8. What might our longer term ambitions look like?

We hope you choose to submit your comments using the online questionnaire as it helps us speed up the processing of comments but we understand if you prefer to submit comments by email or letter. If you prefer to submit your comments separately please email them to ecdev@nottscc.gov.uk or send them in to:

Economic Development
Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall
West Bridgford

The deadline for responses is 7 December 2012