Welcome to the Urban Ag Vision Project Grower's Survey

You are about to take an in-depth survey as part of the New Orleans Urban Agriculture Visioning Project, presented by the Food Production Working Group of the New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee (FPAC). This survey is specifically for those who work in urban agriculture. If you are interested in the community survey (for any neighbor, policy ally, leader, chef, etc.) please be in touch with our team at urbanagnola@gmail.com.

Our team seeks to promote agriculture as a permanent use of vacant land, to increase green job opportunities in agriculture and related sectors, and to promote fresh food access by supporting agriculture initiatives in the city. Therefore, FPAC is writing a resident-informed vision for urban agriculture in New Orleans through gathering quantitative (numerical) and qualitative (stories and ideas) data from stakeholders including growers, neighbors, and institutions. This data will be compiled as a public report complete with recommended strategies for supporting farms, farmers, local food production, green infrastructure, and green industries in our city.

As an official advisory body to the City of New Orleans on food, this report can be used to make change at the foundations of our city's policy, budgeting, and programs. FPAC is committed to strategies that are inclusive, equitable, and power-building within communities.

As an incentive for participating in our survey you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 worth of tokens for the Crescent City Farmer's Markets. If you wish to enter the drawing be sure to fill in your email or phone number in the space provided at the end of this survey.
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