If you would like to receive one to one support from NCVS please complete the following form. We meet regularly to discuss every enquiry and will inform you of our decision. Please note we are unable to offer support in all cases. You need to be able to give us as much information as possible.  

* 1. Name of your group (write "setting up" if you are in the process of setting up)

* 2. Your name

* 3. Your role in the group

* 4. Your contact phone number

* 5. Your contact email address

* 6. Your contact address

* 7. Your postcode

* 8. How is your group set up?

* 9. Where do your services primarily take place in?

* 10. Are your services primarily aimed at any of the following groups? (please tick as many boxes that apply)

* 11. What activities or services are you running/plan to run? How will they help the community?

* 12. How many beneficiaries does your group currently work with? Please write the approximate number in the box below.

* 13. Can you rate on a scale of 1-6 whether the following areas are a concern for your organisation, with 1 being of least concern and 6 being of most concern

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Funding - applying for grants
Funding – writing tenders
Governance – having the right legal structure
Governance –role and responsibilities of trustees / directors
Impact – being able to demonstrate the impact of your work
Marketing – identifying your market
Marketing – promoting your work e.g. publicity, social media
Planning – having a clear strategic plan
Policies and procedures – having the right ones in place, reviewing & updating
Staffing – recruitment
Staffing – supervision, managing staff performance
Quality assurance – implementation of recognised standards
Volunteers – recruitment
Volunteers – supervision and retention
Working in partnership

* 14. Please tell us about what it is you are looking for support with. In order for us make an informed decision please provide as much information as you can.

* 15. Please tell us the likely difference the work requested will mean to the running of your group.

* 16. Can we refer you to more appropriate of specialist support if we consider that this will better meet your support needs?