NTMI Participant Registration Details

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* 1. Course ID number:

* 2. Course location:

* 3. Participant ID # (initials, course number, birth year. ie DG179)

* 4. date Of Birth:


* 5. Gender

* 8. Participation goals. Would you like to:

* 9. Have you ever tried to quit before?

* 10. What is the longest you have gone without smoking?

* 11. What are your main reasons for wanting to quit/cut back?

* 12. Have you been to any other tobacco related support groups previously? Was it a NTMI group?

* 13. Are you currently participating/involved with any other mental health organisation(s) or support groups? if so which ones?

* 14. Permission to send to Dr or Support worker

* 16. Do you live with other smokers

* 19. Have you been hospitalised due to your mental illness within the past 12 months?

* 20. Do you have any of the following health problems?