If you are participating in the Workshop for Parents & Caregivers with a relative -- such as a spouse -- we ask that every participant complete an agreement and survey.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Workshop for Parents & Caregivers.

Please read the statement below:

The Workshop for Parents & Caregivers is offered as a service of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (the Partnership). Neither the Parent Coach Facilitator (Facilitator) nor the Partnership can guarantee any specific outcome for either you or your family. It is our sincerest hope, however, that our workshop will be as useful to you in your unique situation as it has been to many others.

Parents who participate in this workshop agree not make any sort of legal claim against the Facilitator or the Partnership.

This workshop should never be used as a substitute for professional counseling, legal, financial or medical services. Facilitators are not psychotherapists, nor is this workshop considered a substitute for psychotherapy.

While not required for the workshop, you may find it helpful to download or purchase The Parent’s 20 Minute Guide. Similarly, the book Beyond Addiction, by Dr. Jeffrey Foote is highly recommended but is also optional. Your Facilitator can provide instructions on where to find and purchase these materials.

If you understand and agree with the statement above, please check the "Yes" button below, complete the brief survey on the following pages, and then click “Submit.”

Please note that you can not participate in this program until you have completed this agreement.

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* If you understand and agree with the statement above, please click the "Yes" button below.