The purpose of the Griffith Business Survey is to collect data that will help determine how Griffith

If you choose to complete the Griffith Business Survey all the personal details you supply will be held in the strictest confidence. It is your choice if you wish to provide your details at the end of the survey to enter our competition or remain completely anonymous. Your personal details will not be released to the public as we will be analysing the information as a whole. The information collected will be analysed and grouped together by different categories such as industry, business size or location.
The Griffith Business Survey will inform the development of strategies and long term plans as well as supporting grant applications for our region, information for major infrastructure projects and strategic and long term decisions. The survey will be made available for 3 months during October, November and December of 2023, with results released by early 2024. The findings will be a valuable tool for local businesses to determine opportunities within their industry and provide key information to attract investors.
For more information on your rights in participating in this project please contact Griffith City Council's Economic Development Officer, 6962 8100