Green Tourism

Welcome to the Green Tourism Poll. Here you will answer questions about a tourist destination Country's focus on environmental issues. The 14 questions on page 1 require answers. Comments are optional. The 6 questions on page 2 are optional, but help us in defining our sample population. It should take you about 5 minutes to complete this poll. Your identity is not known, so you can be candid in all responses. Your responses are automatically tallied with the aggregate of others’ to produce a comprehensive description of all travel experiences. Your answers may help sustainable tourism and ecotourism. Thank you.

* 2. How many places that you visited in this country had visibly seen recycling operations?

* 3. How many places that you visited in this country were clean?

* 4. Did you notice what seemed to be a good and efficient garbage collection system in place in this country?

* 5. To what degree was there noticeable environmental pollution?

  pollution everywhere pollution not noticeable

* 6. To what degree was there noticeable air pollution?

  intolerable non-existant
air pollution was

* 7. To what degree was there discernible noise pollution?

  maddening peaceful and quiet
level of noise pollution

* 8. Would you drink water from a water faucet in this country?

* 9. Was there trash on the streets in places you visited?

* 10. Did you notice signs that warned against littering or polluting?

* 11. Did you ever see anyone littering or polluting?

* 12. To what degree did people in this country seem conscious of environmental needs?

  very low degree very high degree
degree of environmental consciousness

* 13. To what degree were you willing to stay forever in this Country?

  escape ASAP never leave
stay forever level