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* 1. What state do you reside in?

* 2. What's your average annual income?

* 3. Did you fish the Green River at all during the last 12 months?

* 4. If yes, in which month did you most recently fish the Green River?

* 5. During that trip, how many total fish (regardless of species) did you catch?

* 6. During that trip, how many total fish did you harvest?

* 7. During that trip, how many total hours did you fish?

* 8. Rate the quality of fish caught on that trip.

  Very Poor Poor Average Good Execellent

* 9. What Green River species do you prefer? Please rank each species as to your preference.(only one answer per species)

  least favorite most favorite

* 10. What method of fishing do you prefer?

* 11. What type of access do you primarily use when fishing the Green River?

* 12. Please rate each season as your prefered time to fish the Green River.

  least prefered most prefered

* 13. Please rate what section of the Green River do you prefer to fish.

  least prefered most prefered
Section A
Section B
Section C

* 14. How many times a year do you fish? (anywhere)

* 15. How many times a year do you fish the Green River?

* 16. Rate the importance of each attribute as it affects your fishing experiences on the Green River.

  least important most important
Water temperature
Flow variability
Bug hatches
Fish activity
Recreational pressure

* 17. Green River flows fluctuate depending on water demand/availability, season, etc. Which one flow regime do you most prefer? Check only one.

* 18. Which flow regime do you most prefer to avoid? Check only one.

* 19. Will you return to fish the Green River again?

* 20. (optional) Please provide any additional comments you have related to the Green River.