1. Contact information

Please use the following survey to let us know what you thought of the GSEP Green Project. We will also be asking you for information about your own service project so that we can provide you with your patches. Please fill out the entire survey in order to receive your patches.

* 1. What is your Troop number?

* 2. What is your Service Unit number or name?

* 3. Who is the contact for this project?

* 4. Please provide us with your phone number.

* 5. Please provide us with an email address in case we may need to contact you for any reason.

* 6. Please give us a brief description of the Service Project that your troop completed.

* 7. Please provide us with the number of Girl Scouts who participated.

* 8. Please provide us with the number of adult Girl Scouts who participated.

* 9. Please provide us with the number of additional adult participants.

* 10. Please provide us with the number of additional children who participated.

* 11. Would you like patches for every adult who participated?

* 12. If No, how many patches would you like for the adults who participated?

* 13. Please tell us the total number of patches you would like.

* 14. How many total service hours did you complete?

Number of participants x the number of hours your project lasted.

For example, your troop had 12 participants and your project was from 10:00 - 12:00. You would multiply 12 people x 2 hours for a total of 24 service hours completed.