Maryland Green Center 2016/17 Metrics

This survey is a required element of the 2016/17 application. The metrics describe numerically the Sustainable Practices included in Objective 2 of the application. Please quantify all of Sustainable Practices taking place in your center. 

This data is an important tool used by MAEOE to calculate the state-wide efforts of our Maryland Green School program. Please quantify the activities undertaken in the building or site during the application period.

There are 7 Sustainable Practices categories. If you have conducted practices not included on our list, please document these in the “Other and Comment” boxes for the appropriate category.

You may exit and return to your survey at any point. Please fill in all the categories possible.
If you have any questions, please email us at

We look forward to seeing your application in the Spring. Thank you - MAEOE

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Are you affiliated with a school wide county system?

* 3. In your center, how many...

* 4. In your center, how many students....

* 5. My Center is applying for a

* 6. Please copy and paste your Top 5 accomplishments here. Use ONE SENTENCE or a phrase for each accomplishment. This will NOT be scored when reviewing your application, but it is required and does give the reviewers an indication of what is important to the center. Your Top 5 are shared at the MD Green Schools Youth Summit.

* 7. How many schools have you assisted in the Green School process in the past four years?

* 8. How many hours have Green Leaders at your center spent working with schools this year?

* 9.

What type of help did you lend to the Green Schools? (Check all that apply)