* 1. Are you a City of Greenbelt Resident?

* 2. If "Yes," which area of Greenbelt do you live in?

* 3. If "No," where do you live?

* 4. Age

* 5. Do you currently own a dog?

* 6. Do you think that the City of Greenbelt would benefit from having a second dog park?

* 7. Do you currently use the Dog Park in Greenbelt off of Hanover Parkway

* 8. Do you currently use a dog park other than the one in Greenbelt?

* 9. What features do you like about the current Greenbelt Dog Park?

* 10. What do you dislike about the current Greenbelt Dog Park?

* 11. If a dog park were located closer to your residence, how often would you use it? 

* 12. What times would you most likely use the dog park?

* 13. Please rank these dog park features from 1-12 with
1 being the most important feature

* 14. Are there any issues related to dog parks that concern you?

* 15. Please rate the following possible locations from 1-8 according to your preference of possible locations with 1 being the most desirable and 8 being the least.  Please see the map of possible locations for clarification.  Click the numbers  on the map for more information about each location.