1. Introduction

This survey has been initiated by the strategy study group of the joint working group on nanotechnologies measurement and characterization (JWG2 of ISO TC229/IEC TC113). The aim is to determine standardization needs in graphene and other two dimensional materials. The survey is suitable for all users of these materials (industry, academics, producers, etc)

The aim is to identify topics, the timescale in which standards need to be developed and the priority for such standards. The survey is split into different areas covering graphene, other 2D materials, printed graphene films, hetrostructured 2D materials and environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards.

This is your chance to influence the direction and priority of the development of standards in graphene and other 2D materials. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to fill out. Thank you for your time.

Please note that most items listed below fall within the scope of ISO TC229/ IEC TC113 but some may not. If that is the case other relevant TCs in ISO/IEC which will be encouraged to undertake their development, where appropriate, in liaison with the ISO TC229/IEC TC113. The purpose of this questionnaire is to establish needs not to apportion projects

9% of survey complete.