Project Summary

This information is required for invoice.
Note: Filling out the survey should not take longer than 30 minutes. Keep responses descriptive but brief.

* 1. Applicant

* 2. Project Information

* 3. Project Time

* 4. Project Costs

* 5. Salvage Information. 
Salvaged materials will be (check all that apply):

* How much material (% of reusable material) was salvaged?

* 6.  Documentation
Please send three (3) project photos of different stages of deconstruction AND scan and send all receipts for materials (sale, donation, or photos of on-site reuse) to

* 7. Post-project survey
Was this your first deconstruction project?

* What are some lessons learned on this particular project (what would you do the same and what would you do differently)?

* Did any unforeseen circumstances contribute to less salvage than anticipated, increased cost and/or increased timeline (e.g., rot, mold, condition)?

* Were unabated hazardous materials encountered during course of deconstruction?

* Did selection of your application for grant funding play a key role in this project being deconstructed rather than mechanically demolished?