Thank you for taking the time to fill out this library research survey. Your responses will be most helpful.

* 1. Please provide your Lasell email address. This information is being requested for research and to be able to award the [survey incentive]. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not appear on any report.

* 2. Please check the first resource that you would choose to find the most credible information on an international news story?

* 3. As part of your research you have to find reliable, population information regarding your home state. Judging from the URL, which of the sites below would be your first choice to begin this type of research?

* 4. You have found an interesting article on Google, and you want to use some of the information in your research paper. Which statement below describes the correct way to cite that source citation or article?

* 5. You have to write a research paper on Benjamin Franklin, and you must include one primary source.
Please select the primary source for this paper (choose one):

* 6. What is a defining feature of a scholarly article that makes it different than a popular magazine article?
A scholarly article has (circle one answer) :

* 7. The following citation was found on the Academic Search Premier database.
Markova, D. (2013). A brief childhood. Russian Studies in Literature, 49(3), 75-95. Doi:10.2753/RSL1061-1975490304

Is this citation to a:

* 8. Given the following citation, what is the journal title?
E-schmoozing. (2004). Economist, 371 (8370), 50-51
Journal Title is:

* 9. You have received a new research assignment from your instructor. Please indicate the first TWO things you will do, as you begin this project:

* 10. You have an assignment to write a research paper about college students. Once you have narrowed your topic and developed your thesis statement, which of the resources below will be your first choice to search for current, scholarly full-text articles?

* 11. You have found a great book on your research topic. In what section of the book would you look in order to find additional sources related to this topic?

* 12. You are using the Academic Search Premier database to locate scholarly articles on how playing video games affect children’s learning? Which would be the most effective search strategy?

* 13. Which term means lack of bias?

* 14. For your coursework at Lasell, over the last four years have you:

  Yes No
Have you checked out books from the Brennan Library?
Borrowed books through interlibrary loan?
Requested an article through interlibrary loan?
Emailed a full-text article from Library article database to yourself?
Used an electronic book from the Library website?
Asked the reference librarian for assistance regarding a research project?