The Framework

At GTconsult, we are passionate about governance. We understand that there are many different methods of implementing and maintaining a successful governance strategy. It is with this understanding that we created the SharePoint governance maturity model and framework.

Our goal is to provide a tool that will aid organizations in setting a clear path for governance maturity.

A governance maturity model will provide a baseline for your business. It represents the different stages of a governance framework, pointing toward a set of industry best practices. Understanding how close (or far) your organization is to the outlined best practice enables you to identify gaps, set goals for your business, and establish a clear path for growth.

When a clear path is established, it can aid in setting expectations with users, management and administrators, as well as give you the ability to prioritize and plan ahead for budget and resources. Organizations who measure high on the governance maturity scale are more likely to achieve measurable success in the ongoing value-added utilization of their SharePoint environment.
By stepping through this assessment and answering each section openly, you will be able to identify not only where you are now but where you might want to be.
With submission of this assessment you will receive a report identifying your current state and  tips for planning your future state.