CDC and our Partnership Board are continuing to make the case for ongoing funding to the voluntary sector from government as we believe it is an important part of the balance of support available to disabled young people and their families.

To build on this work we need your input.

Below is a survey asking you seven key questions about the impact on your organisation should any funding you receive from government cease. CDC and our Partnership Board will use the information we gather from you as the basis for a paper to submit to the Department for Education.

This survey should take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Your organisation's responses will remain anonymous unless you state otherwise in the final question of this survey. You will also be provided with a final copy of the results after they are analysed.

Please note that this survey is only relevant to organisations that receive any national or local government grants or contracts*. If you receive more than one government grant then please pick one to demonstrate.

SEND grant holder organisations (theme 3 organisations) are not required to fill out this survey as you have already completed an earlier survey.

The deadline for this survey is Wednesday 7th November. Any questions regarding this survey can be directed to

*For the purposes of this survey 'grants' refer to a payment from government to support a specific piece of work under traditional grant rules. 'Contracts' refer to a payment from government for your organisation to deliver a specific service through a tendering process.