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Dear Gorgon Users,

We are submitting an NIH grant proposal to continue the development and maintenance of Gorgon, and we need your help to convince the reviewers that Gorgon is a useful tool in biological research that merits federal funding. It is only with sufficient financial support that the Gorgon team can continue improving Gorgon and making it a better tool for achieving your research goals.

As one of the hundreds of Gorgon users, you can have a significant effect on whether or not we can receive the funding. If you use or have used Gorgon in your research, we are asking you to help us demonstrate the usefulness of this product to the structural biology community.

Should you be gracious enough to write a signed letter of support that we can submit with our proposal, please send us an email at modeling.with.gorgon@gmail.com and we will email you a sample letter with the grant title and other pertinent information. Otherwise, please still consider helping us by answering a few short online survey questions below

Thank you very much for your continued support!

The Gorgon Team

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