* 1. I ___________________________ will abide by the following rules while operating the CU Denver golf cart. Any misuse may result in a report prepared and submitted to the Community Standards office and may result in disciplinary action and/or termination. (Please put your name in the box.)

* 2. I will not leave the keys in the ignition of the golf cart.

* 3. I have a valid driver’s license.

* 4. I will not drive on the grass areas.

* 5. I will follow all street signs.

* 6. I will not drive recklessly.

* 7. I will only drive on the Auraria campus or to the Campus Village Apartments (CVA) and will not cross Speer Boulevard.

* 8. I will park in areas that DO NOT affect the flow of pedestrian traffic or students with disabilities.

* 9. I will be sure to lock the golf cart in the cage and plug in the battery when returning it to the Tivoli garage.

* 10. I will refrain from smoking in or around the golf cart.

* 11. I will not leave any trash in the cart.

* 12. I have read and understand the CU Boulder's Golf Cart Policies and Procedures (found here: http://www.ucdenver.edu/life/services/studentlife/clubsports/Documents/BoulderGolfCart.pdf)

* 13. I have read all of the rules and agree to follow ALL of them.

* 14. By signing my name in the text box below I recognize that to the best of my knowledge and ability all the information provided herein is true and accurate.

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