Deadline: June 15, 2018
Cost: $15.00

Gold Medallion Awards
MSPRA’s Gold Medallion Award is the top competition in Mississippi recognizing superior educational public relations programs. Entries may come from public and private schools; vocational-technical schools up to 12th grade; two-year community colleges; state/national educational groups; and any public relations agency or private business serving such schools and colleges.

A Gold Medallion will be given for each winning entry selected by the competition judges. Judges may award more than one Gold Medallion in a category. Winners will be recognized and presented with their Gold Medallions at the MSPRA Awards of Excellence Banquet on July 11 at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.

Presentation must be submitted electronically or in a binder (see details under “rules”), and organized in a logical order of Assessment, Planning, Communication and Evaluation. Total entry is limited to no more than 26 pages plus a cover page with entry form information. Entries must include a brief Synopsis of the program/project/campaign that provides a clear, concise overview (between 250 and 300 words) and a “Program/Project/Campaign Summary,” not to exceed 6 pages. Fee: $15 per member, $25 for non-member. Fee: $15 per member, $25 for non-member.

·         Read the rules carefully. If you fail to follow the rules, judges will subtract points in judging your entry.

·         Your entry will be judged on clarity of concept, good writing, and evidence of objective evaluation of your project/program. Judges are experienced public relations professionals.
·         The 2018 competition is open to any program under way or completed between May 2017 and May 2018. Compile all application materials into a single document (PDF or Microsoft Word) or in a three-ring, hard cover, stiff spine binder with nothing on the cover. The binder should be no more than 3” thick. Gold Medallion Entries must be submitted electronically or mailed to MSPRA c/o Geri Hill, DeSoto County Schools 5, East South Street, Hernando, MS 38632.

·         Previous winning entries cannot be re-entered.

·         The first two pages of the project should be entitled Project Summary and are the most critical in the entry. Organize your summary around the areas that the judges will evaluate on a point scale. These are:

-          Assessment: Evidence of need or problem must be described. Project goals must be stated and measurable.

-          Planning: Identified target audiences, involvement of others in the planning, variety of communication channels considered and utilized.

-          Execution/Communication: Timeline, implementation strategies & effective communication techniques.

-          Evaluation: Evidence that your program reached stated goals, as well as needed changes, if any, to be made if repeating the project.

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