Thank you for attending our Business & Education Workforce Symposium at Lamar State College - Port Arthur on May 28th. Please help us plan and execute future events by providing your candid feedback in this short (10-question) survey that should take about 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. First, please indicate which category best describes your profession:

* 2. Overall, were you satisfied with the symposium, dissatisfied with it, or neither?

* 3. How useful was the information presented at this event?

* 4. How organized was the information presented at this event?

* 5. How comfortable did you feel asking questions at this event?

* 6. Did the presenters and panelists allow too much time for discussion, too little time, or about the right amount of time?

* 7. What recommendations would you make that would help elected officials, educators, business and industry adequately prepare a workforce to meet the expected job demands?

* 8. Do you have specific questions that were not answered? If so, what?

* 9. Do you have any other feedback, comments, questions, or concerns about the symposium?

* 10. More regional symposiums are being planned across Texas. If you would like to be informed of these future events, please submit your e-mail address. (It will ONLY be used to inform you of future symposiums)