Your Global App and Airport Activation - Anytime Anywhere

Airport Activation - 3 Months - R1000 per month for three months
Payable either per month or up front to guarantee your space as one of our limited offer. 
Please Note : It is R1000 per month per category or product offering ie If you have 6 hotels, its per hotel as each will have its own category listing.

Your Logo and artwork must be emailed with your  payment POP to secure the spot. You may also select more than one category! 


* 1. Name of Business

* 2. Physical Address of Business

* 3. Contact details

* 4. App Info

  • Please choose a category you would like to add your logo to. Remember it works in your 5km or by choice the user can extend their search to a wider area. So your business is likely to always come up in the first 5 choices. You will never be one in a million!
  • If you have more than one product in more than one category the cost reduces by R50 per category. Ie R300 for first category, R250 for second etc. Lowest price is R150.
  • Should you wish to have your own category added, there is an option before you save to give us your category. The first 9 cannot be changed, but the next level we can add.

* 5. Category choice

* 6. Shop

* 7. Play

* 8. Eat

* 9. Stay

* 10. Live

* 11. Sales Person/Company

* 12. Voucher Offer